How Xanax Addiction Affects Lives

One of the biggest misconceptions amongst drug abusers and addicts is that their actions affect no one other than themselves. While drug addiction does affect the user both physically and mentally, family members and friends are also deeply affected by the addict.

It can cause mental and physical strain on family members and create a hostile home environment as well. It does not matter if the individual’s drug of choice is a narcotic, street drug, alcohol or even a prescription drug like Xanax, there is effects on everyone around the addict.

Xanax is a medication prescribed by a doctor that is used to treat anxiety and other panic disorders. Generally, a doctor will recommend that a patient only take the medication intermittently or for a short period of time. However, some patients opt to use it on a regular basis. If an individual’s condition requires more frequent use a doctor will recommend such treatment.

Often, patients will alter the doctor’s instructions and increase their intake without seeking medical advice. It can take more than 24 hours for Xanax to leave the bloodstream, so if a person is increasing their dosage, a tolerance will build up and a Xanax addiction can occur. Patients no longer take the drug to combat symptoms of anxiety or other panic disorders but instead do so to feel normal.

Xanax Addiction Symptoms

Suicidal feelings


Agitation and hostile feelings

This can make interactions with other people very difficult. Provided is some of the ways a person’s addiction can affect their loved ones.

Unstable Environment: An unstable environment is the chief way drug addiction can affect families. If there are children in the home this can create an even tenser environment because children are affected by their parent’s behaviors in profound ways. Spouses can become co-dependent and resentful towards the addict. This undue stress can affect the way family members interact with one another. If an addict does not seek immediate treatment, he or she runs the risk of having their child follow in their footsteps.

Financial Problems: Another way Xanax addiction can affect loved ones is financially. Xanax addicts, who are not able to get money to feed their addiction, may become manipulative, causing family members to enable the behavior by giving them money. Conversely, if a family member refuses to give money, the addict may resort to theft in order to get money for their habit.

Violence Outbursts: Xanax addiction can invite violence into the relationship. There are two times when violence can occur and can escalate pretty quickly for the addict and that is during times of extreme highs and withdrawal periods. Again, some of the symptoms of Xanax addiction are feelings of depression and hostility. This may cause the user to lash out at someone close to them either verbally or physically. In addition, the strong desire to use can cause addicts to become violent against a loved one in order to get money to get the drug.

Abandonment Issues: Xanax addiction can affect the brain in profound ways. It alters its function in such a way that the desire to use becomes the most important thing. So important that the addict may be willing to abandon their children, spouses and friends in order to feed their dependency.

Treatment for Xanax addiction is available in order to lessen some of these affects.