Buy Provigil (Modafinil)

A condition, which is characterized by a constant desire to sleep regardless of the day time, is the main symptom of narcolepsy (a pathologic sleep disorder). Usually, people experiencing narcolepsy, feel not just the constant sleepiness, but also chronic fatigue, poor memory, poor performance and lack of concentration. The mood of a person, who suffers from narcolepsy changes all the time and sometimes, causes a severe depression.

The causes of this sleeping disease may be various: genetic predisposition or forced violation of a normal sleep regimen at work shift and the lack of sufficient daylight in the office.

The strangest thing about narcolepsy is that a person can wake up in the morning in a good mood and feel a burst of energy. Nevertheless, after just couple of hours this person loses all his activity desires and the only thing he keeps thinking about, is how to get some sleep.

All forces go to fighting the sleepiness at this condition, and to make a man active and force him to work, man drinks a lot of coffee, strong tea and other energetic drinks. Certainly, caffeine helps to stay awake and gives a definite charge of vital energy, but coffee or any other energetic drinks have only a temporal effect, lasting just for 20-30 minutes. When the effect of caffeine is over, man wants to sleep even more. As a result, this leads to an ever-increasing doses of caffeine, and therefore to the negative impact of caffeine on the cardiovascular system function.

The medical treatment of narcolepsy is the only way to get rid of chronic sleepiness and restore the activity of psycho-motor functions of the body.

Using medication Nuvigil, man can restore the normal sleep regimen and fight the depressive symptoms, which are an integral part of narcolepsy. If the constant sleep feeling prevents you from a normal working and social activity and affects your health pretty much, then medication Nuvigil will solve this problem in just 1 month.

A single treatment course with the medication Nuvigil would be enough for you to restore your sleeping and resting schedule and to get rid of the desire to sleep all day long. A regular intake of Nuvigil will become positive for your restoring of psycho-motor functions, as its pharmacological properties stimulate the mental and physical activity during 8 hours after its application.